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What is American Fascism?

American fascism is the influence of big business disproportionately upon the government of the United States. This influence of business is the New World Order (NWO) of finance. I am calling for a non violent revolution in the United States, not with guns, but with the power that citizens have to limit their involvement with credit, credit cards, banks, and the financial system. I advocate a don't-pay-credit-cards approach explained in more detail on the front page.

I also advocate walking away from all bad and toxic loans as a means of securing the financial solvency of the consumers in America, you know, the people who received no government bailout. The homepage of has detailed explanations of what I am advocating. Be sure to read this page however, for an insight as to how the financial system works against us.

But there are other ways to hurt the big banks. You can put your money in brokerage houses not affiliated with the biggest  banks, thereby keeping your money free from being lent out. You can put money in safes, safe deposit boxes, or anywhere that will keep the big banks from lending the money out. These banks have scammed us and I offer links on this website which show that scam from top to bottom. So, in order to gain sovereigny of the United States back for her citizens, it is necessary to revolt against the banks.

The New World Order is a fascism, an American fascism, whereby corporations rule the world. Hedge funds are an integral factor in that control. Hedge funds, for example, started the stock market rally in early March, 2009, with their ability to leverage their purchasing power. Even CNBC reported this as fact. More importantly, the CEO of Bank of America, Ken Lewis, testified in late April, 2009, that he was required to hide from shareholders the fact that Merrill Lynch was a bad investment, a distressed company, because the Treasury Department ordered him to do so.

But Henry Paulson, then Secretary of the Treasury, told the world that while Ken Lewis was telling the truth, the real chain of command came down from Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve. Ben Bernanke told Paulson to order BAC to keep quiet about Merrill or else Lewis and the board of BAC would be removed! This is fascism and I will explain to you why it is fascism.

While Bernanke is appointed by the President of the United States, the fed chairman is independent of the power of all government authorities. He is the authority regarding the banking system. And the 12 federal reserve banks are PRIVATE entities. I once thought they were owned by the member banks, but the member banks pay fees to the federal reserve. I don't really know who owns the federal reserve bank. Many have said it is the old moneyed families of the USA and Europe such as the Rockefellers and Rothchilds. I don't really know.

It is most likely that the member banks in the area of a Federal Reserve bank own it. The 9th Circuit Court has said that the Fed banks are private. Seems someone sued the government because a Fed employee damaged a car. The guy lost the case against the government because the Fed is PRIVATE. The court went on to say that the member banks in the area own the localized Fed banks.

The most powerful Fed bank is the New York Fed, which is controlled by Citibank and JP Morgan Chase because their headquarters are in New York. JP Morgan has ties to the bank of England, a Rothchild bank, and Chase was owned by the Rockefellers. Citibank has been controlled by a Rockefeller in the past. If the member banks alone own the Fed, which may or may not be true, the NY Fed could still be controlled by the Rothchilds and Rockefellers without those families directly owning private shares.

But bottom line lesson here is that a private bank, the federal reserve banking system, with a quasi public figure who is untouchable in charge, made the determination to order the Secretary of the Treasury to tell Ken Lewis to lie to shareholders. The federal reserve is watching out for hedge funds who have the money of the biggest players at risk if anything were to happen to the major banks. Even President Obama's central advisor, Larry Summers, was paid over 5 million dollars by a hedge fund in 2008 prior to working for the government.

Hedge Funds leverage their investments against senior bonds of the major banks. They also have bet, through derivatives, on the viability of those bonds, and they could lose two ways, both very leveraged, if the major bank bondholders had to take a haircut. Yet haircut they must take or the treasury of the USA will continued to be raided, and the financial health of the government of the United States will be at risk if the PPIP program puts toxic assets upon the balance sheet of the US government.

So then, we consumers were robbed by the toxic loans of banks in the first place, you know, the liar loans and option arms and the like. Then we are being robbed by the raiding of the treasury in order to keep the bondholders of the biggest banks, and the hedge funds who are at risk from failing. In order to protest this theft you can get ideas from the home page of

Citizens, unite and gain our sovereignty as a nation back from these international banks and international power wielding hedge funds.