Debt Advice With a Twist. The reasoning behind such a website name:

I advocate with no shame that you don't pay credit cards, but rather just walk away from them. In saying this, I am not a lawyer nor am I an investment counselor. Therefore, you need to realize that when I advocate not paying credit card debt, I am advocating it as a protest. There are plenty of websites which offer traditional debt advice. Some may or may not be able to assist you if you want to seek traditional ways out of your credit card debt, if your credit score is crucial to you, or if your monthly debt is less than a garnishment would be in your state.

But my "advice" is founded on protest and based upon an understanding of the macroeconomic Ponzi-like scheme that the banks used to attack the middle classes and poor here and abroad. My advice is not sound financial advice in the traditional sense but is advice on how to be a patriot in this needed war against the banks. People have sacrificed more in order to make things right. It is a noble cause to war against the banks in every legal and peaceful way possible. Won't you join the cause?

I am motivated by the desire to financially hurt the banks. Yes, the big banks, the too-big-to-fail banks and the entire financial system that made the toxic loans a possibility, must be hurt on the bottom line. If we are to take back this nation's sovereignty, we must be able to weaken these big banks so that they will actually be forced to take a hit to their most senior bondholders. These bondholders must be willing to share the pain of the banking system implosion and it should not be put solely upon the taxpayers of the United States to be responsible for the complete bailout of the banks.

After all, the banks planned this liar loan scam in 1998 at Basel 2, and they set up this off balance sheet shadow banking system to hide the risk that they are now burdened with. No one will buy this debt. Couple this Basel 2 fraud with the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall and the table was set for liar loans and pay option arms. The banks are unable to sell credit card debt just as they were unable to sell ponzi CDO debt made up of bad loans rated AAA by the credit rating agencies.

Therefore, the banks have decided to raise interest rates rather than pass their inexpensive borrowing from the government along to the burdened credit card holders. They have become loan sharks in the way that they have desperately attempted to charge their unfair rates with complete government immunity. At a time when rates should be declining, they are rising. This is not the way to help the economy recover.

It is upon this greed that this website of protest against the credit card bankers is built. They scammed us, and got bailouts from our taxpayer money, and expect us to eat their unfair loans. I say that we aren't going to take it.

1. We can slow our payments in protest.

2. We can stop our payments in protest.

3. We can walk away from all our bad loans, like housing loans and credit card loans and unfair commercial business loans because we got no bailout, and we are needing to protect ourselves financially.

Again, this website does not give legal or investment or credit advice. It is a protest of the abuses of the greedy international bankers who decided to cook the bank books and hide the risky debt and attack the unsuspecting middle classes of the world, primarily of the United States.

I have a few links here that will give you more insight into my views and reasoning behind my drive to protest the banks. I hope you will study them and learn about how we can be free and how we can establish our own stimulus for our own households.

I read where a guy killed his wife and family and himself because of the debt he was in. It was just debt. It was a business decision gone wrong. It was not worth the taking of human life. It was, rather something that most likely could have been discharged by legal means or by just walking away from the debt.

Macy's went bankrupt once, and the big banks like Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan would have gone insolvent without the bailout by the US government. It is clear to me that they are still in trouble for years to come.

Caterpillar Corporation applauded the Chinese for directing their stimulus towards the people. All American politicians and treasury people have done is to direct the bailout to the banks who scammed us.